Delivery Services

Be it be a local or an international just select your parcel size & mention the origin & destination. You can do instant booking & Teleport will set the priority based on the date & time of the delivery that you have set . List your job and manage the delivery all from your mobile phone.

To make parcel delivery easy we have divided in to 6 units as below

  • 1 unit/Box (max 10KG)
  • 2 unit/Box (max 20KG)
  • 3 unit/Box (max 30KG)
  • 4 unit/Box (max 40KG)
  • 5 unit/Box (max 50KG)
  • 6 unit/Box or more (max 10KG)

Don't worry if you do not have an idea as to how big or small your package is you can live chat with our experts to get alternative solutions who will help you out. Check for the chat option available in our app on right hand corner


Have an important documents to be sent to your near & dear ones, just select our docs option, mention origin & destination & teleport will show you the best rates with the fastest modes of delivery instantly. Teleport gives you the list of best delivery service available to you who can offer commercial services for your regular office deliveries.


This service has been specifically developed for items such as glass, liquids, ceramics or any delicate goods in need of just that little extra care in handling. We provide a secure caged trunked service, avoiding conveyor belts throughout your consignments entire journey; thus reducing to an absolute minimum the risk of damage.


Why rely on so many applications when you can order food from some of the best restaurants around you. Our Geo Location Based food delivery systems helps you to find the best restaurants near you wherever you are & gives you the option to choose from the menu to be delivered to straight to your hands. The real time tweets of mobile vans will keep you posted on who is town & what's the special menu for the day. Forgot your homemade lunch Box don't worry just select our food delivery option & enter your details & we will deliver it for you.

Plants & pets

Need to send plants or Pets local or international just Teleport it through us. We have smart network connected van & truck owners who will provide you with instant quotes & pickups schedules


Our Geo location based grocery options will help to get the ordered grocery delivered to customers door steps in no time where ever you are . Enlist your grocery stores with us & go online instantly to increase your customer base.


Well if you are planning to send something which is not in our service offering & which is not illegal then you can just mention the details & our experts will get back to you at the earliest